Wall Textures

I am offering services for Wall Finishes. Here are a few samples that I think are good starting points for larger ideas.

Two tone Venetian Plaster on Panel wood. This was  more about the gradient in the background. I like the burnished fade with the design element.


Venetian Plaster and Acrylic on wood. I like the two tone side marble look, and the texture of the grey. Both of these to have a high gloss finish.


Two tone Venetian Plaster with acrylic on wood panel.

Venetian Plaster with Acrylic design. It is so hard to show the gloss on these piece, but they all have a high gloss finish.

Img2060_In_StoneVenetian Plaster and Acrylic on wood panel. I am doing the background leaf pattern in plaster and the figures are acrylic.

Img2013_wonderVenetian Plaster and Acrylic on wood panel.

Venetian Plaster and Acrylic on wood panel.

Color Detail picture.


IMG_3071Two tone Venetian Plaster gloss detail shot

Two tone Venetian Plaster with decorative detail and Acrylic.

These are my Venetian Plaster detail and boarder trim samples.Venetian Plater 002

Photos really don’t do the Venetian Plaster justice, it is so smooth and cool to the touch.

Venetian Plater 001
I got the shine from the window to show how smooth it can get.


Aged BlockThe Aged Block Texture was designed with castle walls in mind, and a Old World feel.


Tight Oak GrainThe Tight Oak Grain was designed for smaller details like, fire places or columns.


Personalized Details2Brown Marble with brass lettering, a bit of Personalized Details.


Personalized DetailsHere are some more Personalized Details. My son Max took over to help demonstrate what can be done with personalizing textures. I let him paint on the equal sign, his name, the plus sign, the smile in the heart, and by Blaikies down the side. He nailed it!


Oak Wood GrainHere is a wider Oak Grain for larger areas. These can be planked and aged… there are really a endless ideas for textures.


MArbleAn early Marble Sample that made the grade. There are so many different possibilities for Marble textures.


Stone WallThere are just so many possibilities for wall finishes. I have found a joy in the details.

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