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My first Graphic Design job was with Pegasus Printing, doing the Scripps 22nd Annual Gala Fund Raiser. Norm took me under his wing and helped me a lot. That was one of those times when I really worked well with someone. He really got me the job at
Micro Vision Development, it was great. Jim Mayall is a friend, SureThing CD Labeler was awesome to work on. I did their packaging, worked on the website, content, UI and what ever else they could through at me. I made huge mistakes, and learned. Sean Cavanagh, was a typography guy. His licence plate said, ‘FONTGUY”, and I learned a lot from him… I was there almost four years, it was great, but life happens.  I went on to work for myself and do freelance. Then I built a house and got into construction. Went back and forth between Graphic design and construction jobs. Worked as a Production artist for Hot Shoppe Designs doing Pro Jerseys and learned a lot from Dave Marietti. He ran a tight shop. These pieces I’m showing now are my most recent and some favorites,  but there is more to see and do.


Having started out at Bliss 101 as their art hanger, I noticed that they could use a little help with their graphic designs and offered my skills. I still work here and support what they are doing with local art.

John Holm Flyer Instagram


John Holm Flyer


Patrick Sattley Flyer (Art Night)2


Patrick Sattley Flyer (Art Night)2

I don’t do a lot of websites but, I do know how to, here is a sample of color scheme I put together for a client.

Sample_3 Color_2

I was working on some stickers, using some old drawings.

Bomber Sticker-100



DV’s Cork and Tap needed a Tshirt done. DV'S Corkandtap_tshirt




High Flying Swine is a cannabis awareness site.  They are just starting up and asked me to help with their logo and some branding ideas.



Background Image01



Jason Holmes is a San Diego based Chef,  running a catering business. He does the Forklifter, a Food Blog for the Southern California area.

Jason holems logo_vector_Raster





The Holiday Bizarre is a Pop_up Shop that happens every year. Always fun.


This is one of three flyers I did for the Gypsy Wagon, always a blast!


This 2 of 3, he’s the cute one.


The Smoker, always a favorite. 3 0f 3.




Jordan Richter is a friend of mine, and asked me to send him an idea. He didn’t use it, but I loved it.




This is some of the work I did at MicroVision Development. SureThing was a great project to work on.



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