Texture Samples


The samples are really a starting points. I am just using acrylic for these samples, it makes for easy clean up in the final stages of custom homes. These are textures that can be used in a lot of different ways. I am really looking forward doing more of these projects. I need to make a whole new section for these.


This is my first marble sample. I enjoy doing these, and will have more samples soon.


These are done on 1/4″ dry wall pieces. This is an introduction to some ideas of what can be done. This was personalized with a bit of brush work from Max. He wrote his name… and that was cute, but then as I was just about done, I asked him, “What else?” First he added the equal sign, then the plus sign, the smiley face in the heart, and the By Blaikies down the side. This one is up already.

Tight Oak Grain

This is my hand drawn oak wood grain. There are so many different variations of wood grain. I do like the challenge of matching a room and helping create a mood.


Here is my wider grain oak wood. They are a bit time consuming, but I got a good rhythm and get through these pretty fast.


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