Marble Finish Textures

The owners of the house asked if I could do a faux marble on this fire place. They liked one of my samples, and wanted lighter marble veins. I just have the the sample area masked off in this shot. I did the left column first, and the owner liked what I started. Then I moved on.



Here is the final piece. It was for her office. There was a touch of pink in the center piece of marble, and a lighter tan color in the top. I tried to blend the two together through out the mantel.

The owners asked for a white marble with a really light veins. It is super subtle, I don’t have a before picture of this one, tut it was more of a Tuscan feel and a little rough looking. I matched the top white marble color and texture.


The owners asked for a really white marble with subtle veins. I hate be like, “Oh, you should see this in person, but you should see this in person.

This is a shot of the view from the living room with the white marble fire place. image1

What a spot!!

The owners asked if I could send them color samples for a third one. These are some Photoshop color samples that sent over… and well see what happens.


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