New Illustrations

I got into a good rhythm and did some stylized drawings that I wanted to do.  My thoughts where, “If I started up a surfboard company, what kind of images would I use?” And these where them. TSHirts

My goal was to create images that could work on anything from a surfboard to a coffee cup. My cousin and I started talking about making T-shirts and one thing led to another.


But, these images are just the beginning stages for what they can be or where they can go. I have enjoyed doing these and hope to do more in the future.


The other day, I was looking into shaping my own board, and went to look at blanks at the surfboard warehouse. After talking for a while to the manager, he pointed me to the CNC cutter. The CNC cutter showed me the program Shape3d for the CNC router… dream, dream, dream. I downloaded the program and ran through the tutorial and working on my dream board, I guess now you can call it a quiver. Step up rounded pin tail, with just a bit of extra foam hidden in the nose, with the tail of my brothers 6’11” R. Sliegh and 70’s classic style nose. 6′ 6″x 19″X 2.3/4.  I designed a 5’11″x 19 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ twin with a swallow tail, and a few more. I have been having fun with this.

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