Getting Back on Track

After, years of painting and freelance design work, I was offered a job at a Fire Sprinkler company. I knew nothing about Fire Sprinklers, besides the one time my wife broke one with a dress on a hanger at our apartment and flooded the place. Committing to doing my art for so many years, meant that I did a lot of odd jobs too. Some where great and some not so great, but becoming a Construction Quality Control Manager was a solid one. Millennium Fire Protection Corporation gave me a great opportunity and experience. We replaced the AFFF System for Hanger 4, on the Marine Corp Air Station in Mira Mar.


We removed and tied into the existing system, and built two pump houses. The project was completed around the hanger on the flight line, and a lot of certificates and classes were done.  As a QC Manager it was my job to document the project and report to the Government. To write the opening and closing documents such as Accident Prevention  Plans, Quality Control Plans and the Operation and Maintenance  Manuals. With my background in Graphic Design, I think I gave them a great O&M Manual. Due to contaminated soil the project ran a month over and projects over lapped, and I was left without a project and looking for work.

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