The Good Stuff

I thought about putting music to to this, but I liked it silent.

ONCE IMMORTAL19_3Art has a way of working itself out. (for sale)

Sketch_347I have been looking at They had a Star Wars contest I was looking at, sigh… how good is some of that art? Right now, I dont have the time to full redered drawing of one, but i sure would like too!

So, while out looking for a job, I found a project. Our nighbor wants a treehouse for his Grand daughter. I told myself, I don’t want to do construction anymore, but here we go. I figured I could use everything I know how to do, concept it out and design it in Maya and Zbrush. Give a good estimate, and a clear vision of what its going to look like. In Maya, I can edit and change stuff up easily. I could be on to something here…  treehouse1

image1-2I haven’t giving myself a lot of time on this one, and still have a bit to do.


Mothersday_PROGRAM_DA little drawing I did for Mothers Day.


withframeJourney (96in x 54in) acrylic on canvas.

Here is a full shot of the painting with the frame. The brass corners really bring a rustic feel to the over all piece. Do to its size (96in x 54in), the frame had to be custom made. We found some reusable planks, treated them, cleaned them up, and really brought the painting to life. With the help of Jerub Perry, I learned how to get a sizable piece stretched to a beautiful frame.

The brass handmade corners are made by Jerub Perry.

cornershotFrame detail shot.



I have been dong this mural with a class full of 5th graders. This is something that is coming up and can’t be talked about yet. but I can show a couple pictures.



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