In the early 90’s I did my first mural at yogurt shop on San Marcos Boulevard. I was 17 years old. A few years later I went to Platt College, and got my AA in Graphic Design and Multimedia. After Platt, I went straight to work for several years doing work for Scripps Memorial Hospital, DC Shoes, Sure Thing CD Labeler and more. I went on to freelance for companies, like 220 Marketing, Processes Peak,  and Distinction Art Gallery, to name a few.  I became a studio artist for five years, doing commission work painting and designs. I developed my digital skills more a few years later after being introduced to  Zbrush and Maya. I spent a couple years developing these skills, to do some work on a Dark Forges game Nekro.  More recently, I have been doing a lot more graphic design work and have been really enjoying it again. After painting for so long and working on other projects, out side graphic design, I want to get back into it. I think digital work is great and have new challenges with up coming programs.

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